Tooth Fairy Alert

Rowan has realized that one of his teeth has started to come loose.  According to the dentist it will probably will stay in for another 6 to 9 months (if he doesn't play with it too much).  Anyone want to lay bets on whether or not he will play with it?  (didn't we all though).  I guess this just means that we have to prepare for the arrival of the tooth fairy.

Rowan's reading and writing are really starting to improve.  His teachers keep telling us how well he has been doing.  He often comes home with achievement badges (for hard working, paying attention, helping to clean up, etc..).  His teachers are already talking about how much they are going to miss him when he starts kindergarten.  Speaking of which, we have registered for kindergarten.  We will hopefully know by the end of April which kindergarten he has gotten into.  Our first choice is the school closest to us called Barkstall.  It is a balanced calendar school so if he gets in classes start in July.

Rowan loves his new swimming classes.  He is learning how to front float, back float, freestyle, and back stroke.  Of course he made new friends in class right away.  I guess I don't have to worry about him making new friends in new situations.  He takes after his father in that.

Of course all is not perfect on the Rowan front (when is it ever).  He likes to get up and watch TV in the morning when he knows he is not allowed.  This often leads to his TV privileges being revoked all together for a couple of days.  He really loves to see just how far he can push things.  Then he gets really upset when the consequences hit.  Though as far as Rowan goes, what else is new.....

His new favorite show is the Electric Company.  He loves to watch it, go to their website, play the games there, etc...  Of the shows he watches this at least is one of the better ones.

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