you break him you bought him

So it might not come as a suprise to anyone who has actually met Rowan, but two Wednesdays ago (July 23rd) Rowan while running at pre-school fell and fractured his clavicle.  Now there is not much they can do for that, so Rowan walked around for about a week holding his right arm to his chest.  Of course now he feels fine and is trying to get all rambunctious, but he still need to be careful at least until the coming Wednesday (doctor's orders).  I keep trying to explain to him that if he falls on that arm again he could easily reinjure himself, but it doesn't stck (no surprise there).

On a brighter note, Rowan continues to get better at his writing and reading.  He loves doing his activity books and his new hundred piece puzzles.

One thought on “you break him you bought him”

  1. Ouch!  I can’t even imagine the pain or Rowan slowing down!  Poor guy!  That must have been a bit scary!!

    Great news that Liam is on the go!!!  Nykita is walking on her toes and attempting to run and scare me all the time!  (She jumped off the couch earlier this week!)

    Miss you guys!

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