ack… where did he go now?

Well, Liam has finally started to take off.  He has been crawling/rocking/rolling around for about 2 weeks but has now graduated to full time crawling.  Don't turn your head or you might miss him.  He still does not seem to have much interest in pulling himself up, but I am sure he will get there in his own time.  He is able to stand on his own if he is holding on to something (i.e. a person/couch/crib rails).  I think he is more interested in crawling and sitting up now that he has gotten the hang of it.

Rowan still is number one at making him laugh.  Of course his most favorite thing is when Rowan makes a fake burping noise at him.  I love to hear the laugh, but the burping noise, not so much.

Liam is mostly eating table food now.  He can't get enough of his morning bananas.  He even loves to eat plain black beans and mixed frozen veggies.  They are the perfect texture since he still only has his two middle bottom teeth.  He loves to eat whatever is on my plate and won't be satisfied with puffs once dinner is served.

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