more family..



Erin, David, Rowan, Liam


Erin's extended family:

Larry & JoAnn Baumann - the parents/grandparents

Alyse & Evan Middleton - sister & brother-in-law/Aunt & Uncle

Alfred Smith - Grandfather


David's extended family:

Louise Waddle: my mother. I miss you, Mom

Hillyard Ivan Abzug: my father. I miss you, Dad.

Frank Waddle: My other father / Papa Frank


Nancy & George  Michaels : sister & brother-in-law/Aunt & Uncle

George Michaels Jr.: nephew/cousin

Ryane Michaels: niece & goddaughter/cousin


Caroline & Nick Ceisel: sister & brother-in-law/Aunt & Uncle

Lucas Ceisel: nephew/cousin

Eleanor Ceisel: niece & goddaughter/cousin

Caroline Bemont: niece/cousin

3 thoughts on “more family..”

  1. no pictures of ceisels ? Insulting!  Why, Uncle Davidie, Why?  ;(

  2. I’m in class right now and i dont know what I should say… so HI!!!!!!

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