Initial Liam News

  • Although Liam was scheduled to be born on the 12th by c-section, he insisted upon coming early. The best laid plans were laid to waste and Liam found he could not wait for his Nana and Aunt Alyse to be there for the birth. Luckily his Papa and Uncle Evan were willing to drive down to Champaign on no notice to bring them down ahead of schedule.
  • Rowan enjoys making his brother laugh. We first heard his laugh at dinner (mid-December) when Rowan displayed typical 4 year old behavior. Liam apparently thought it was hysterical.
  • This last week (March 15ish 2008) Liam has started sitting up by himself. He also has been eating solid food for a little over a month. He likes to roll over from his tummy to his back, but has not yet mastered rolling from his back to his stomach. He has a great smile and laugh which charms everyone he meets. I fear once he starts to crawl I will be running after him all day long.

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