what has he gotten into now?

Liam has been walking since December, but really started to get the hang of it in January.  Since then nothing seems to be safe.  If he can reach it (and he reach seems to be increasing daily), he will open it, play with it, rip it apart, etc...  The edges of the kitchen counter are no longer safe.  If I cease to pay attention for a minute, invariably the next thing out of my mouth is, "Liam what have you gotten into now?".  I fear it is just a matter of time before he starts trying to climb to the top of the refrigerator.  ack!

He is active, curious, loves to be tickled, go for walks (and be chased), play with anything that has buttons (especially phones and computer keyboards), look at books, and pretty much anything that doesn't require sitting still.

We started swim classes a couple of weeks ago.  Mostly at this stage we are getting used to being in the pool.  The skill that we work on in class are kicking, blowing bubbles, front floating, back floating, going under water, and getting into the pool.  David and I switch off weeks on who gets to get in the water with Liam.  The last week of his first swim session, we got to go down the big water slide at the pool.  Liam loved it, and I had fun too.

Today for the first time, Liam gave me a kiss after I prompted for a kiss (instead of me just giving him kisses).  Needless to say I am still smiling about it.

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